Monday, March 2, 2009

Amazon in the Mood


Since when did start getting amazing shoes at absurd prices? Why didn't I know about this? Why are they so cheap? And, is it wrong to like how well Jessica Simpson rips off of Balenciaga? Has this been going on for a while? Can someone talk to me about this?

Guess "Maeve" Boots for $60.85

Botkier Jamie Boot for $168.73 (marked down from $460...)

Camper Twin bootie, $58.00 (marked down from $200)

ALL BLACK cut out bootie, $58.00 (marked down from $170)

Oh dear. Jessica Simpson taking a page out from Nicolas Ghesquiére for these heels. Quite nice - at $104.00

Nine West Nistka lace-up, $50.00 (marked down from $150). It's ok to like Nine West. High quality, most of their ideas are not their own. It's okay, I promise...

Killer 'bats from Seychelles, $72.00

Diesel Prairie boots, $79.00 (marked down from $238)

Perhaps you can't tell, but I'm not quite ready to let go of winter, because my footwear options run dry. But boots and shorts, as we all know, is probably the best combination since chocolate milkshakes and fries.

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Amanda said...

i had no idea either. this opens awholenotherdoor.