Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mitch the Monster

Every now and again I appreciate a well-created plush toy. Mostly because I adore all things cuddly, and now and again I really think its crucial to snuggle up with something artistic and adorable.

I love Kauzbots, I think they are a great gift, especially because they have a bit of a altruistic slant. I also thoroughly enjoy Doma plushes, which are creative and a little bit morbid, and have a certain corporal charm. And for your sneaky needs, a Shawnimal's ninja melts your heart.

Last week, a new buddy emerged on the scene, with my pal Jake's (and crew) cyclops Mitch. Mitch is effing adorable, with a droopy eye and a soft, snuggle-able body made of recycled felt. He just looks like he needs a buddy, with his one furtive eye, pleading for your acceptance. And you, my dear, are perfect for him, especially at the key price of $40.

Scoop him now. Special edition, ya heard?