Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer is for (Hat) Lovers

Ask anyone who has walked into a retail space with me the last six months: I've been on a holy mission to find a hat. Wait, no, not just a hat, but THEE hat. The hat to bring me comfort, joy, compliment my wardrobe, make any late day look a little less rushed.

Eugenia Kim is one of my favorite haberdashery makers (haberdasherers?). She's certainly made a name for herself as a purveyor of fine hats, and her straw hat has made its appearance on pretty much every St. Mark's knock off stand this side of 14th street. But, lets be frank, her hats are pricey. So I'm pretty psyched she's doing a line for Target.

While I think that all of these are fine summer options (especially the sun hat with the bow), I like the fedora best, I think. In black. Obvi. Since they will be under $20, I may snatch it on April 18th. With the Cynthia Rowley yellow platforms. Oh Target, how you slay me.


Chris Reed said...

Milliner, hat makers are Milliners.

I like huge floppy summer hats on girls, but then I'm a sucker for that whole look.

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