Monday, January 5, 2009

When You Do Propose

Please do so with this ring: It makes me feel the most Battlestar Galacti-fine.

And to cap off our marriage which celebrates the fact that being nerdy is in fact the coolest thing to be, you can add these earrings into the mix.

And I'll probably say yes, unless I'm feeling particularly snakey, in which case, you might want to opt for this slithery little gem.

There is nothing quite like jewelry as your "statement" piece. Or your best inside joke with the world.

Happy New Years!

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KATLIN said...

Lurrve those rings! I am determined to find a man that is going to design a bad ass sculptural ring for my engagement ring! :)

David Geudelekian said...

Neverending Storyyyyyyyyyy!!!


Leila, your blog is awesome.