Monday, February 9, 2009

Minimarket + Agent V (aka, The Swedish Thing)

Because of my continuing obsession (and stalking) of poor Henrik Vibskov, I've cozied up to his press agency Agent V, which is based in Germany. Immediately, I realized they are a bit like People's Revolution in the US (who rep, like, everyone cool). So I poked around their website and I found possibly my favorite new designers of things I would actually wear.

Minimarket is a group of three cute Swedish girls (seriously, can that country do no wrong?) who make clothing that looks like Topshop meets a fantasy and is kissed by ladybugs. I would probably wear every look from their SS09 collection. I actually think its because I don't hate their usage of color. Perhaps I even actually want to (gulp) wear some of it...I'm debating writing their PR person and begging to translate their site for me so I can order some of their clothing, but I don't think I'd be able to settle on one item.

I would look pretty awesome in that pleated white shirt and that Bordeaux skirt. Really. Something must be done.


Amanda said...

love me some minimarket! i need those wedges like now. tres bien caries minimarket (and ships to US, and has an english site, ha)

Leila said...

I know. Those solid color wedges make me think that the summer is gonna be all about cerulean.

Sigh...Let me know when tres bien is back up!

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