Friday, October 24, 2008

Fashion shows + flourescent light = a very long day

I appeared at the Seoul fashion week at like, 10:30 AM when it was opening at noon. I walked around, the only Caucasian for kilometers and had to listen to some of the worst music I've ever heard. It wasn't that it was just bad or out of my cultural understanding - it was really, very bad. The drum beat sounded like an elephant dancing. An awful elephant.

The shows themselves were very strange, like slightly off, way more sober imitations of NY fashion week. Some of the stuff I didn't like at all. And I enjoyed other parts quite a bit. I saw Ha Sang Beg's show, which was a massive undertaking and apparently a tremendous amount of Korean celebrities were there. It was incredibly like Christopher Kane or Bernhard Wilhelm or someone out of that new British school.

Of course, after the shows, I met my friend Sai who is the buyer for the sickest store in Seoul, Space Mue invited me to Sang Beg's after show, and of course (well, not of course, I was entirely shocked) Henrik Vibskov arrived. Being one of my favorite designers - and consequently the closing act of fashion week - I was ecstatic.

Oh, of course. I did a bit of shopping. Because the shopping here is amazing. Incredible. I braved rain and crowds and giants mobs of cheery Korean girls to do it.

And I fell asleep in my clothing. Of course.

Day 2 outfit

This is my typical breakfast. There are dumplings, some delicious muesli/coconut combo, and a whole weat bun. Do you see that fruit at the top? No idea what that it. It has the consistency of a apple but tastes a bit like a plum meeting a pineapple.

Remember how I said everything sells with a cute figure emblazoned on it? Well, here.

Fashion week (at like, 10 AM)!

A totally organic/anatomical piece by Moon Kyung Rae

Details of Moon Kyung Rae's lung-like dress

This bag has a bit of a bicycle on it!

Le Conte de Asura - which is OK.

They had funny hats and kind of half-assed shoes.

I like the seperates I think. Seoul has a lot of mens-inspired womenswear.

The people in Seoul dressed a lot better than the shows in NY


They had this dramatic wedding/mourner to end the show. It was lousy.

Ha Sang Beg

Check the extreme ruffles on the shoulders and trim.

His menswear was very femme

See the front... the back! The ruffles are great.

This dress was so beautiful.


I can't really get into bubblegum pink and mens clothing...

Ha Sang Beg came out to talk to me

This is the translator helping me with Park Jong Chul

After the interview, Jong Chul said that I was the best journalist that has ever interviewed him and he wanted to give me a gift.

On our way to dinner in the university district.

Some yoms

In Korea, giant men lure us into eateries.

Ordering din. We are all sitting on our knees.

We had lots to drink. This is Jee-Yoon. She is Jan's counterpart, except young, laid back and isn't afraid to laugh.

No one knew what this was. No one.


Aaron investigates the underwear store.

This is Sai. She's very cute and I adore her. We've met up several times, and she is incredibly knowledgeable about underground European fashion.


Sang Beg and the tall Dane!

I slept in this morning and took off running, completely fuzzy and confused. I was so exhausted from yesterday, and I could be content never chatting again. Though, interviewing someone through a translator is delightful because they get straight to the point.

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