Saturday, October 4, 2008


I've been recently hunting winter coats for friends. I don't particularly know why, because I have a great coat from Mackage that I adore, but I tracked a couple fantastic winter choices that I just had to document.

Speaking of Mackage, this is so gorgeous I thought about taking out a loan for it (Hey, I am a sub-prime candidate!)

via Mackage

I found this amazing hooded/asymmetric Diesel coat at 80s Purple that I just had to share. Its really great - I really like how it feels kind of post apocalyptic.

via 80 purple

Cheap Monday is quickly becoming my favorite brand for a deal, and that reason is because it is really well tailored, excellently crafted clothing that is, Cheapish. Cheaper than usual. They do good stuff, men and women. If I was still looking for a coat, I would really consider this Monika jacket for the winter.

Via Karmaloop

Surprisingly enough, this is from Urban, whom I believe is beginning to position themselves as a more "upscale", boutique-style retailer. Which I think is a buncha hogwash. But this, this is really adorable and I've been looking for a chic way to introduce plaid into my wardrobe. It's so Sarah Palin-esque, you gotta love it.

Via Urban Outfitters

Note: I would like the Urban one best, because I have, as I've explained, a great winter coat. But I've hunted these beauties, and in the spirit of journalistic integrity, I'm compelled to share.

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