Friday, October 17, 2008

Guess What? Korea

I am going to Korea in...let's see - it's Thursday? Five days.

And I'm really excited. I think Korea has some of the best fashion and art in the world. It's what happens when you have one of the world's biggest democracies cuddled next to a true, potent dictatorship.

You get amazing art projects like Gwon Osang's work for the killer band Keane as promo shots for their upcoming album, which I will be seeing at the Seoul Design Olympiad when I'm out there...Osang photographed the members and then pasted the pics onto lifesized statues he made of the band. Its so simple - and really gorgeous.

It's amazing what happens when you have a government that is so encouraging of its artists and experimenters. The art that is coming out of there is rivaled only to the art that comes out of mainland China - and some parts of Britain.

via Creative Review

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