Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My friend Andrea just moved into a new place, and I love nothing more than sending her Craigslist stuff of what she should buy. Christmas shopping makes me much more exhilarated than Christmas itself.

So I've decided to start composing a little list of places to go to get really excellent gifts, as part of my hunting-things-down-for-you-on-the-internet impulse and also to have a definitive, unbeatable Christmas shopping guide.

When I received an email from the newly launched The Future Perfect design website today, I thought it would be a good introduction. Its a really interesting but expensive website, but I promptly got a 15% off coupon for your disposal (which, apparently, you just need to call about to use)

Here are some less expensive items that would make a wonderful gift:

String Lights

Optical Glasses

The Leather Bear Bookend

Forget-Me-Knot Ring

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