Friday, November 14, 2008


It's very exciting to think of being alive in a time where you really feared being attacked by a vampire. I mean, to be prepared, really brace yourself for a possible vampire strike. Today, we have terrorists and hurricanes, but I don't think we fear for the supernatural or the undead nearly as much as we should (hence, my continual blogging-about-zombies).

Let us reminisce about simpler times, when real things like monsters and blood suckers kept us awake.

And let us think about how much we would spend to protect ourselves from them? A national deficit? Never. $14,850? Maybe.

Apparently a real, live vampire hunting kit (housed in walnut casings and complete with garlic and holy water) sold at Steven's Auctions for that exact amount.

How beautiful is that? Look at those immaculately carved stakes and those matching bottles? I wish that my cosmetics were organized that nicely.

I think I am going to go home, dump out my Shu Uemera bottles, and fill it with holy water, just in case.

Via Core 77

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