Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Andrea Galvini = modern day Magritte

If Magritte took pictures, and those pictures had an intense preoccupation with the surreal and often threatening intersection between nature and modernity, they would look an awful lot like Andrea Galvini's works. The young Italian photographer lives part-time in Milan and New York, and his photo's are really, absurdly eerie and breathtaking.

Often using animals and stark, foggy backgrounds, it appears that he has a preoccupation with both smoke and balloons, and using both to obscure any sort of defining characteristics. Anytime he shows eyes, it seems to belong to an animal, which are depicted in (creepily funny) multitudes. Apparently he is currently doing a residency at Location One, which is about a five minute walk away from Surface, so I might stalk him for a print.

Wait. I WILL stalk him for a print.

‘la morte di un’immagine #6’, 2006

‘la morte di un’immagine #5’, 2005

‘N-1 #1’, 2007

‘l’intelligenza del male #5’, 2007

‘la morte di un’immagine #7’, 2006

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