Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jews and Design :: Hannukah version

While we often joke at Surface about doing a Jewish issue (no Zaha or Karim...but plenty of Dror!), the most basic way to look at the secular nature of design influencing a non-secular lifestyle is religious imagery. And since the cross is pretty much canon and the tree gets all the glory anyway (and the Kwanzaa Kinara is, you know, a lot like a menorah), leave it to the Heebs to come up with pretty fancy holiday decor. So here is my round up of the season's best (and most clever) menorahs, in no particular order:

Holiday Skyline Menorah by Jonathan Adler

The Man-Orah by Josh Korwin and Alyssa Zukas

The Hannu-kit at Reddish

Sahar Batsry's Flame Menorah

Last Match Menorah by Kathleen Walsh

Cube Modern Menorah by Modern Tribe

Menorah Glass Candleholder by Frabel

Rivington - at Maxwell Silver

From Leila "Not Quite A Jew...More, Just Jew...ish" Brillson


Jeremy said...

Thanks for the shout-out to Shlomi Shillinger's Cube Menorah on ModernTribe! We also have a glass, chrome, and a kid's play menorah.


Leila said...

Haha! It's great! Thanks for reading!