Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chicago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish architect famed for creating painfully intricate, mega-futuristic, entirely unpractical and overly conceptual buildings and sculptures is building a 2,000 foot spire in my hometown. Apparently the skyscraper, when completed, will be the largest one in North America (take THAT, CN Tower!).

It will also be the world's tallest residential building at 115 stories tall(and an awesome terrorist target). Ground broke in 2007 and its going to be in totally prime position right next to that eyesore of an apartment building, the Lakepoint towers and lording over Navy Pier like the massive phallic figure it is. Whats awesome is, like most of Calatrava's stuff, its totally inspired by nature. Each window is rotated at 2.44 degrees from the one below it, giving the structure a twisted, unicorn-horn like feel. This long and narrow structure is going to allow the buildings behind it to maintain their views, and uses less land. Apparently, its really green too. Another (beautiful) way the city is becoming less and less inhabitable for the middle class.

Hopefully when its done in 2011, I'll be rich enough to buy a place and sell it two weeks later for twice of what its worth.

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