Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ugly Body Chairs, or How Design Mostly Sucks

I ran into these chairs separately but they disturbed me equally. I understand that, instead of invoking the sensuality of the human form, they literally translate it and I suppose thats kind of cool, but in the polyurethane and solid colors (both of them just look incredibly plastic-y), it resembles kid's furniture a bit to much.

Aaaaaand its creepy.

First of all, just because you are a hipster icon who thinks he can make shoes, you can't design furniture. Pharrel's Perspective Chair is debuting at the otherwise respectable Galerie Perrotin, and he has some nice explanation about being in love etc. and I suppose its clever because you are literally "putting yourself in someone else's position." But its ugly. I mean, its a seat with feet attached. There is no transition, no smooth lines. It just looks like the girl is taking it in the rear, which is fine - I just don't want to sit on it.

And the sexuality only gets more perverse with Fabio Novembre's "Her" chair which I saw all over this past ICFF. With a delicate ass-mold (which is actually much bigger than it looks, I could scoot around in it), Novembre got all Milk Bar in Clockwork Orange and put a woman almost on her knees. Its kind of funny because you feel kind of exposed sitting in it, like everyone is looking at your tush, but its more of a gimmick than a beautiful piece of furniture. And on top of that, I know its literally "objectifying" women and thats kind of a statement, but its simply too over the top to be a decent design object. Basically, designing something as a conversation piece almost dooms it immediately.

While I appreciate the idea of using unconventional forms, these just seem a little too creepy and corporal for my liking - perhaps I just don't like overt sexuality in my house hold objects. And I just think ole Mr. Williams design is just heinous.

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