Sunday, June 15, 2008

Top Up

Pretty much anyone who has ever been to London has delighted in the convenience and sheer mass of Topshop, which exclusively sells the oh-so popular Kate Moss at Barney's in the US. In the UK its a bit of a bore because of its affordability and accessibility, which inevitably means the Brits usually dress better than us.

When I was there this past November, I literally stood frozen for about 8 minutes until my friend Thimali pushed me along. It was like someone climbed into my brain and began to design and after combing the store for several hours, I found a killer waist coat and a pair of Faith shoes that I pull out on the most special of occasions. After smarting rightly from the pound-to-dollar conversion, I could never look at H & M the same again.

However, across my desk came an interesting piece of news. Topshop and Topman are moving into the neighborhood, taking over the storefront on Broadway and Broome once occupied by the streetwear brand Yellow Rat Bastard (What? Graffiti inspired Triple 5 Soul isn't selling so well? Nuts.) this coming September. It is a part of a move into the US market, NY being the test store. And New Yorkers are going to devour the store like an Opening Ceremony sample sale.

Here are some shots from the lookbook. Its broken up into four parts: Darkside (pretty , feminine mod), Wonderland (dresses, color, more "fantasy"), Bandstand (military, brass buttons), and Sedition (menswear, very 90s). I dig Wonderland and Sedition the best...but I would.

I was invited to preview the Topshop American FW 08/09 collection this past week and I almost dissolved into nervous giggles.

Thrilling. Its also interesting to note that they are going to be sponsoring McCarren Pool events this summer, so its safe to say they are pretty knowledgeable about their American demographic. Sign me up. Twice.

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