Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Music Videos - Madonna ed.

Sometimes I really love Madonna. Yes, she's totally crazy and probably a little scary, but as an icon, as a visual force, she is undeniable. You can track trends by tracing her professional trajectory. And her videos have ALWAYS been a tour de force. So today, I get a little gay for Madonna:

"Rain" - a personal favorite of mine. That hair is incredible, and so perfectly mid-90s. (Also, a Mark Romanoff vid)

"Justify My Love" - What is going on in this video? I don't care, its so bloody sexy.

"Open Your Heart" - There is a reason that the cone bra is so epic. And that reason is tassles.

"Express Yourself" - An early David Fincher directed this pre-Alien III vid.

I know "Get Together" is a little late 2000's rave, but I kind of love this song. It reminds me of a Sunday, drinking a mojito on a rooftop. But the relaxing way, not the cheesy way.

You really cannot deny the Madge.

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