Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lolla pt. 2

So, basically this is super outdated, but I have GOT to post it, right? I'd been talking about it for days and days and weeks. But Sunday was what it was all about, and Adam and I enjoyed some Girl Talk, Love and Rockets and then, of course, Nails.

Adam and I start our day off by noticing that someone spilled their drunk guy on the lawn.

Then Mr. Black dragged me to see Flogging Molly. Like most Irish bands, people brought accroutements to wave about in the crowd.

I ran into Andriu Strausser and Hannah Adams waiting to see Girl Talk!

The crowd actually went NUTS for Girl Talk . It was the craziest I saw them all weekend. Go Gregg!

Adam and I struggled bc Girl Talk/Flogging Molly/Love and Rockets were all playing at the same time. Guess our passion for 80s goth/pop wins in the end.

This dude stopped us to tell us that we each had the best shirts that he saw in the whole festival, and he felt better about humanity knowing we were friends. He insisted on taking our picture.

Here is his work:

The crowd, as the sun begins to set

Then the guys from Bauhaus sans Peter Murphy + the extras from a Flaming Lips show (not true, but it kinda looks like it...)

Trent takes the stage. Adam and I know that enduring the crowds/heat/hangovers may be worth it.

Best way to close a show ever:

The sign, as we leave, exhausted...

The maniacal crowd, which made me miss Chicago ten-fold.

Parting image: Me lost on Michigan Avenue, people a bit too blurry.

In summation - I wish I didn't miss Saturday. Also, the fact that press passes got you literally no where was silly - it was impossible to cover the concert in any sort of reasonable way without being trampled by hundreds and hundreds of exposed breasts. Basically - this concert made me irritated with the Gen X-ers it came to represent, mostly because they are trying so hard. So darn hard.

Unexpected highlights: None
Best show of the concert: NIN or Radiohead
Worst: So, so many

Well, perhaps next year...

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