Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lolla-review pt.1

Yes, I know how long its been since Lolla, but if you had the kind of week I've had you would be probably dead, in an alley somewhere, with cats eating your eyeballs.

Chicago was great, had a rough night Friday and missed out on Saturday but made it out on Sunday. I refuse to let my personal weakness interfere with my blogging, so I present you a photographic journey of Lollapalooza, starring myself and Adam Black.

Entering the city:

Look! I finally get to take a picture of the Bean as a tourist!

Millenium Park/kids in the fountain/bliss

Ellen at dinner, skyline behind

More kids! Water pouring:

Lolla begins. Adam and I are hot

and cool...

Gogol Bordello outside of the press tent:

Surveying the scene with Adam Black/Red

I geeked out because of the photo op

Tony and Dylan; we were walking from one end to the other

Clayton Hauck, from everyoneisfamous.com
(You can see me HERE!)

Tony, Cristina and I are deciding to go to see the Cool Kids

Aleah mustaching while we were watching the Cool Kids DJ

Adam and I in the Hippie Pit with his Bruised Pit. There were these awful hammocks and we got stuck in one during a lull

The always beautiful Edie Renee, whose boyfriend (now fiancé!) also played the fest!

Watching Cool Kids DJ from backstage. Kids were going wild!

The Dj (a friend of Adam's whose name eludes me) stage dove. I love the little shoe sticking out!

Radiohead! Dylan and I snuck into the VIP area. It was a really intense light show.

That's it for Day 1! Will put up Day 3 pics tomorrow!

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