Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Riitta Ikonen

I stumbled upon recent Royal College of Art graduate Riitta Ikonen tonight before bed, and I felt compelled to show some of her pictures. She appears to be a photographer and a textiles designer - a perfectly complimentary match. Her photographs are some of the most moving, emotional and humorous I've almost ever seen. I feel compelled to share her. Perhaps I will pitch her to V or even save her for Surface's art issue. Whatever it is, I think she's somebody worth noticing.

From the series "No One Belongs Here More Than You":

"Human Nylon":

From the "Snowflake" series, a self-portrait:

"Leaf and Bird":

I think this is pretty amazing. I'd love to see a movie about her images. Glad to get her in before I say good night.

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