Tuesday, May 27, 2008


In the Battledroid world, I'd like to think we crave culture like bats out of hell (what?). I just wanted to give a little shout out to a group of talented dancers that are doing a little performance at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange this Friday and Saturday (my room mate, the sensuous Marisa Wallin, will be one of them).

Since we all hunger to support independent, experimental and localized projects, I thought I'd put up a little information about the performance, which sounds incredibly chaotic and imaginative:

"In The Accursed Items, choreographer Andrew Dinwiddie reanimates the work of other dance and theater artists as discovered in a particular kind of accursed item: deleted scenes and rehearsal videos from never-used and drastically reworked dances.

Alternately austere and rambunctious, The Accursed Items draws from material that was not quite good enough for The Wooster Group, Big Dance Theater, Metallica and others.

Anchored by text from J. Robert Lennon exposing the lingering psychic life of objects, The Accursed Items is a sympathy card for everything that was never good enough. "

I have a tremendous amount of lingering psychic life from objects, and I hope to get it excised during the show. Oh, and in the worst case scenario, they have three dollar beers you can drink inside.
Here is the info:



Pre-show reception
Beer & cheese pairing hosted by Chris Munsey of Murray's Cheese
7 pm | $50 suggested donation
For this reception, RSVP to dinwiddie@gmail.com

Friday's performance features a reading by author J. Robert Lennon and post-show talkback with Andrew Dinwiddie.


Saturday's Accursed Items evening includes performances by Karinne Keithley, Daniel Linehan and Neal Medlyn

Afterparty at Jackie's Fifth Amendment
404 Fifth Avenue (at 7th Street)
9:30pm | $10 at the door

The Accursed Items is being created by:
Katie Brook Frank DenDanto III Benjamin Forster Natalie Green
Jill Guidera Caleb Hammons Tom Hennes Julia May Jonas
Dylan Latimer Kristine Lee Carly Pansula Erin Tracy
Marisa Wallin Angrette McCloskey Daniel Allen Nelson Jessica Wasilewski
Wendy Meiling Yang
With text by: J. Robert Lennon Atul Gawande

Oh, and at $8 for you low-income peoples (us creative types, struggling against commoditizing our art), its totally worth it. Get tickets here, and here and here and here.

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