Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ahh, exclusivity.

So I'm inviting you, my loyal blog readers to join Gilt Groupe, this luxury version of Overstock + sample sales that features high end and completely obscure brands at fairly decent prices, like Varvatos, Badgley Mishka and Valentino. They do sales by the day (one designer at a time) so you have to plan carefully and get up mighty early for the good sizes, but its a pretty good deal. AND they have men's wear as well, for the dudes.

Lets see if this works:

Copy/paste that bad boy (this is invite only) and see if you can join. They email you, show you sneak peaks, and then let you at the sales like the hungry wolves that you are.

Since I can't find any good images besides brands, here is a royalty free picture of a happy happy shopper:

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