Monday, May 26, 2008

Clinical Joy

Sometimes I really like when design forgets to take itself seriously.

UK firm VITAMIN just put this crazy IV pot for your plants into production, allowing amateur botanists to regulate the amount of water their plants receive, while at the same time giving any room a kind of hospital-y, clinical chic. Its fiberglass, so it wouldn't be as heavy as it looked.

I like the white way better. If you are going to get the whole ER vibe in your living room, don't go half way. This reminds me of this restaurant/club I read about in Singapore called The Clinic which has this whole "outpatient" theme going where you drink out of IV's and eat in stainless steel kidney shaped bowls and sit in wheelchairs. They also have art by Damien Hirst lining the walls, and its very surreal/super saturated.

I like that we have finally embraced the glory of being sick.

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