Thursday, September 18, 2008


Aaron Perry Zucker, a senior at RISD, launched Design For Obama, a clever grassroots based website that allows designers (or aspiring designers) to upload campaign images for the presidential hopeful to be voted upon. Users can download images and print them, creating their own Obama '08 signs (that are usually cooler than anything political campaigns send out).

My darling readers, this is an example of grassroots meeting the global community. This is an example of youth getting involved in politics in an effective and anti-aggressive way. This is an example of how art can become influential without being commodified!

And its also pretty cool. I highly doubt McCain supporters would get together and start designing and the democratizing their projects.

Its not very good right now, but I believe it just came up because I've noticed more additions each time I've visited the page. So go, sign up and vote or contribute a creation (and vote in November too!)

via Core 77

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