Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Videos

The Cramps "Garbage Man"
If its wrong to love The Cramps, I don't want to be right. I just don't love those people who are make loving The Cramps a part of their identity. This is such a good/crappy quality video. When I get really upset at work, I listen to this album. Therefore, my theme for this week is creepy and wonderful front peoples and how music is only improved by personality.

Ministry "Same Old Madness"
This is that weird era that spawned "Everyday is Halloween" where Ministry was flirting with the dark side but still had pop sensibility. And its incredible. I love AJ's dominator/cop/latex costume. Man, I want this now. I want this to be my now.

Fleetwood Mac "The Chain"
It was recently pointed out to me that "The Chain" is the first appearance of post-punk. You have that amazing bass breakdown that occurs in 1977, two years before Joy Division started making the exact same noises in Manchester.

Ice Cube "Good Day"
I didn't have to shoot my AK. Today was a good day.

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