Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The man is finally 10!

From NY1:
It's been a decade since a young wizard named Harry Potter put his spell on the hearts and imaginations of millions of fans across the world.

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," the first book in the series, is 10 years old today, and to celebrate, fans are reading it aloud cover-to-cover in SoHo.

Harry Potter devotees, who lined up for hours to get a chance to read, say the book's rich description is what makes it special.

"I think it created such a world, there was such much detail in every facet of it, and it made it come alive for everyone," said one fan.

"You're seeing the world through Harry's eyes and he's seeing it new and you're seeing it new and that introduction is really resonating," said another.

"That really blows people away," said a third. "They read this book and they fall into this world that they never really expected."

The reading is going on at Scholastic headquarters on Broadway between Spring and Prince Streets.

The reading can also be followed at scholastic.com/readHarry.

From a boy that lived under a cupboard to the symbol of a generation growing older, happy birthday to the series that charmed me into waiting 2 hours in Soho for the darn last book to drop...

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