Sunday, July 27, 2008


I get lousy pay. I work hard hours. I take abuse that is usually not warranted. But sometimes, when I am having the lousiest day, I get delicious chocolates sent to me without warning. And I feel sad because I would never cover anything culinary, despite how delicious it is (and this IS delicious) but they arrived at such a proper moment.

And then I came home and had wine with friends and ate my chocolates.

So the least I can do is put pictures of the Vosges chocolates on my measly little blog. Feel hungry, and get some. I would seriously recommend them - they come in very unique and delicious flavors (like curry and dark chocolate, or fennel and ginger), and their gift boxes are paired with wines and olive oils and would probably impress anyone.

Here is photographic evidence:

We are so totally satisfied. It was a house of yum.

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