Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Fake eyelashes are one of those things I don't think a great deal about, but always appreciate when I see them employed correctly. I think, like fake nails or high heels, its something I want to bring into my life, but I just don't really have the usage for.

However, in my recent intensive Viktor and Rolf research (started by their retrospective and the amazing couture dolls they created), I ran across V&R for Shu Uemura and found their exquisite, incredibly unique eyelashes. The campaign is really quite lovely, in this fantasy-whimsical-Viktor& Rolf way, and I have never considered eyelashes art pieces until now.

From top to bottom: Rhombus (named after, what I would assume, to be the gold shapes imprinted on the lashes); Wing (the paper-clip looking ones); Swirl (the dramatically sweeping, incredibly soft lashes - my personal faves).

Apparently, this is based on the S/S '08 runway collection which is inspired by Marcel Marceau, which I can understand in the sense that he's a mime with pronounced makeup and ways of expression, but it really reminds me of John Tenniel or something Ozma would wear in Frank L. Baum's original Oz books.

Once again, eye lashes truly signify the luxurious and I've never felt mine have needed much accessorizing, especially because I couldn't find the occasion to do so. However, upon researching Shu Uemera, I've found there are quite a lot of accroutemants to the eye lash, and it appears that this quick glamor fix is rather inexpensive (minus the V&R pair which clock in at $120) . In their Fantasy Lashes section, Shu's most expensive pair are $25, which I suppose may be a lot for something that you wear once or twice, but with intensively dramatic, criss-cross lashes like the Dazzling Black Diamante's, it's a pretty great deal - though, glue isn't included.

Also, use JULY08 for free shipping.
And send me pictures if you ever DO procure any of these.

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