Thursday, July 24, 2008


David Cronenberg-like, Patricia Piccinini is fascinated with growths, birth, turning the unnatural into the natural. She is completely absorbed by taking uncanny images and makes them soft and maternal. Her most famous series is entitled "Natures Little Helper", and features these fleshy, inhumane creatures paired with helpless children, and positing that they are genetically engineered to raise our children - possibly better, and more eerie, than we can.

Here are some totally bizarre, emotional and terrifying images from that project:

I think these images are really beautiful and creepy. I've followed her work for some time, and I like her commentary on the tenderness between the innocent and the obscene, and how our own humanity is reflected in those moments, but how disturbed we still are by birth and physical, corporal openings and gashes. Also, I like how she uses our cues for "adorable" - big eyes, long lashes and friendly faces, and puts them on grotesque, naked forms. She's really quite excellent.

So when Designboom wrote about her project involving mopeds, I had to pass it on. It seems that Piccinini has created these little moped creatures and has shown us what its like to raise a baby moped.

I adore those zoomorphic eyes on that last one. I don't understand why these move me so much, but they are really amazing. I've always been touched by imbuing inhuman objects with very deep emotion - which is why sad dolls scare the crap out of me.

See more of here stuff at her website,

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