Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New York Jewelers I Want Stuff From

I've been running into jewelers on blogs and whatnot that are New York based and feature some stuff that I really like. There is this nice trend of incorporating found, recycled or natural objects into necklaces and bracelets, and I think it makes things look a bit more well-crafted. And I like fake bling, aggressive images encased in metal or gold, or laser cut acrylic. All three of these designers have a really unique aesthetic, but there is something similar. I can't quite figure it out...

Alex and Chloe: Geometric and extravagant, Alex and Chloe kind of made it big with this awesome necklace featuring the CC of Chanel in black plastic dripping down. I can't find where to purchase it online for the life of me, so I will just have to satiate my desire with a diamond cut out, and amazing perception bending shape and a bit out oceanic imagery (as a way to soften up the collection).
Chloe's Zero Carat Diamond: $52.00

Alex's Pyramid: $56.00

Dream Reflector Necklace: $111.00

Oh, and if one of their swords fell onto my neck, I wouldn't complain one bit.

Erica Weiner : This is the only designer I've actually purchased something from, and Erica wrote me a nice email thanking me for my purchase. It made me feel like I was really supporting something: giving an artist money directly. Erica works with found and organic materials. I love how antiqued everything looks. It has this sweet nostalgic feel, but also stays within the corporal by having these pieces that have a very biological, almost 'cabinet of curiosities' undertone to them. I ADORE the claw necklace.

Book Lover Necklace: $45.00

Raptor Talon Necklace (Gold): $90.00

Twig Bracelet (Silver): $80.00

Made Her Think: Seemingly teeeny tiny, the webstore doesn't have much, but what they do have seems to be a happy medium between Alex and Chloe and Erica Weiner. That antiqued, claws-n-teeth thing translates into a tougher street style that feels very contemporary. Unfortunately I culled this from another blog, but I'm excited to see what this little Brooklyn upstart can do. I am certain that I'll be seeing a ton of those Pyramid Totem Cuffs around - its colorful, charming and a little bit threatening.

Talon Ring: $88.oo

Pyramid Totem Cuff: $132.00

Rose Totem Cuff: $264.00

Note: you can purchase all of these get yourself something threatening and beautiful. Or get it for me. Either/or.

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