Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MTV Launches Comic Blog

MTV, ruiner of everything awesome, has launched their comic movie blog which features inside information concerning the now totally freaking legitimate genre of the comic book movie.

As cynical as I am about Viacom as a corporation and a galvanizing cultural force, this blog is put together by totally capable and passionate individuals (and I know was a goal of their more dedicated members for almost two years now). Yet, using their all-powerful resources and connections, I'm sure the blog will feature a lot of exclusives, like this image that I cleverly stole of the Owlship from the upcoming Watchmen movie:

So far, it seems very Watchman/Batman heavy, but it seems like it has a great deal of potential. My inside source, the heavily involved Matt Harper, has leaked that upcoming topics would include some panels (including the Christian Bale "Terminator 4") and interviews with Joss Whedon, Keanu Reeves, Frank Miller and the entire cast of Watchmen. Also, he told me that they will have exclusive access to Rodriguez's "Red Sonja", which is a Amazon-esque Conan spin off about a red-haired, sword-wielding babe played by Rose McGowan (obvi.) Woot.

Anyway, I'm curious to see how this goes, or if it will end up rehashing things we already know with a slightly watered down, innocuous angle.


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